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Intensive A.H.A. Treatment

Purifies and Refines Skin


Optimum Hydration Treatment

Purifying and Refining Skin


Thermo Active Treatment

Relaxes skin by providing nutrition to the tissues


Optimum Pureness Treatments

Moisturizes and smoothens skin


Line Correcting Treatment with Borelax

Targets expression lines


Lifting & Firming Treatment with Vitamin

Targets slackening of skin


Collagen Treatment for Wrinkles

Intensively targets wrinkles


Modeling Treatment

Targets Aging


Eye Contour Treatments

Anti-Wrinkles Moisturizing $55 – 20 mins
Anti-Puffiness Decongesting $55 – 20 mins


Oxygenating and Stimulating Treatment

Repairs skin damage caused by pollution



Optimum Lightening Treatment

Lightens complexion and reduces pigmentation



Desensitizing Treatment for Redness

Decongests and purifies Sensitive skin



The Essential Treatment

Energizes skin and eliminates impurities




Moisturizes and relaxes skin



Vitamin A/ E Facial

Makes skin healthy by enriching with essential nutrients



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